Vitali "Showrunner" Kirpu

My objective lies in crafting experimental games and software, embracing the challenges, and pushing the boundaries.

No matter the cost.


Pixel Piracy Online | 2025 - 2029
Pirate MMORPG with zero microtransactions. Set sail alone or with friends, and build your pirate empire using force or trade. In this pirate simulator game, you write your own RPG story. This is my last game.

Published by Vitali Kirpu Productions

Objective: "Create a Pirate MMORPG."
IAH: INTERNET WAR | 2024 - 2027
Strategize and hack in a dynamic blend of real-time and turn-based gameplay. Navigate the internet's depths, engage foes, enhance bots, and choose your playstyle - mouse, controller, or coding.


Objective: "Create eSports for AI Programmers."
Ragnorium: Planet Recolonization Odyssey | 2022
Ragnorium is a planet recolonization simulator set in an alternative universe where the privatization of space exploration has led to the commoditization of clone colonists. Tasked with leading a self-sustainable colony, you must find a way to lead your faction to prosperity while attempting to survive the oncoming Holy Crusade.

Published by Devolver Digital
Pixel Piracy | 2014
Embark on an epic 2D pirate simulator RPG adventure, where you navigate both land and sea. Upgrade your ship, recruit and level up your crew, and uncover hidden treasures as you become a legendary pirate.

Published by Re-Logic
Velona CP | 2023
Custom Web Development Framework: Powering IAH INTERNET WAR and PPO: PIXEL PIRACY ONLINE websites.
WOSC Server | 2022
MMORPG Server backend that can handle 1500 - 3000 simultaneous player connections at the 60-tick rate. It is currently being utilized by Pixel Piracy Online.
Game Replay Codec
The Game Replay Codec seamlessly generates replays and synchronizes multiplayer experiences across diverse network protocols. Its advanced design includes a machine-learning interface for efficient AI training.

MMORPG Server Diagram
Scalable single-shard MMORPG Server Infrastructure designed for multi-threaded CPUs.

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